In this episode of Technotopia I chat with Mitch Goldstone, the founder of ScanMyPhotos. Mitch commenced his firm with a mission to scan the tens of millions of shots that clog our dresser drawers and closets and he is now scanning hundreds of 1000’s of shots a day. In the course of the the latest California wild fires Goldstone and his workforce worked tirelessly to aid owners who dropped their shots and required accessibility to their previous backups.

In this podcast I chat to Mitch about the potential of photography, the wonder of digitization, and how quite a few unusual shots he’s found stream by through the scanning method. He’s featuring you all a price reduction if you use the checkout code TECHCRUNCH, which should really get you a handful of dollars off your future scan.

Technotopia is a podcast by John Biggs about a superior potential. You can subscribe in Stitcher, RSS, or iTunes and hear the MP3 here.

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