A handful of decades in the past, Mance Media and independent filmmaker
Shawn Lebert announced
they were performing on
Arklay, a tv
drama primarily based in the Resident Evil universe. Arklay
centered on detective James Reinhardt, who was tasked with investigating a
series of homicides in Raccoon Metropolis, which concerned a specific virus that gamers
are all too familiar with. Arklay was
meant to launch in 2015, but went dark shortly right after the announcement,
foremost quite a few gamers to think the worst.

Turns out those assumptions were in truth proper, but you will find
some thing of a silver lining. While the media firm finished up passing on Arklay, Lebert has now released the
evidence-of-concept small movie. In spite of any immediate references to Resident Evil getting been taken off from
the video clip, it even now presents RE followers an concept of what the series could’ve been,
even though offering closure to the project.

Watch the video clip underneath, and tell us what you believe in the

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