Backblaze Storage Pod 6.0 with 60 hard drives

Backblaze Storage Pod six. with 60 tricky drives

Image: Backblaze

Backblaze launched their Q3 2017 drive trustworthiness results this morning, and the news is fantastic. They have around 86,000 drives mounted in their very own Storage Pods.

Tough drive profits could be slowing, but tricky drive trustworthiness is climbing — as calculated by once-a-year failure amount (AFR) — even for the newest 8TB drives. In actuality, the Backblaze drive failure amount — one.84 % — is their lowest quarterly failure amount ever. Disk drives truly are acquiring extra trustworthy.

The finest news is that the most recent ten, and even a couple 12TB drives, are all accomplishing flawlessly. It’s way too early to attract tricky conclusions, but one,220 Seagate 10TB drives had been set into service with out a solitary failure. Congrats to the producing and engineering teams that produced that probable.


Disk drives are mechanical devices with bearings and lubricants that have on out, so age is a aspect. Practically eighty % of all the Backblaze drives are considerably less than three decades outdated.

BB is retiring their oldest drive, tremendous-trustworthy HGST 3’s, which is truly elevating their cumulative failure amount, simply because the greater, more recent drives are a little bit considerably less trustworthy.

Even the new — whose producing procedures are nevertheless currently being tweaked — 8TB drives are proving quite trustworthy, with only 46 failures amongst 24,328 drives. Which is a .89 % AFR for the last three months.

Business vs Enterprise drive trustworthiness finds that Seagate’s customer 8TB drives experienced a .one % AFR benefit around the company 8TB drives. They also observe that the company drives come with 5 calendar year warranties, and options these types of as greater overall performance sequential writes and electrical power administration options that datacenters can use.

If these issue to you, go for it. But it is really apparent that if trustworthiness is your #one priority, you reduce nothing by likely with a customer drive — and you save a couple bucks.

The stats

Here’s Q3:


Courtesy Backblaze.

And here is cumulative stats:


Courtesy Backblaze.

The Storage Bits acquire

It’s very fantastic to see that tricky drives are acquiring extra trustworthy, even as capacities double and triple. We’ve also acknowledged for a 10 years that “customer” drives are really a lot as trustworthy as “company” drives, and that is also confirmed.

It would be fantastic if Backblaze would adhere to some people of drives into outdated age. Consumers would like to know how long a trustworthy drive is probable to last. Five decades? ten? 3?

I keep about a dozen outdated drives — some around ten decades outdated, each three.5 and two.5″ — about that I at times plug into an great Inateck drive dock, SD card reader, and USB three hub. They keep powering up, inspite of my considerably less-than-suitable atmosphere. Possibly outdated drives are a sensible archive medium.

Thanks to Backblaze for continuing to challenge these stats.

Courteous reviews welcome, of study course. My consulting firm utilizes Backblaze at their regular prices, and has for decades.

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